A great Italian dish

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Pasta in almost any dish is delicious and there’s a lot of different interesting facts about this delicious comfort food.

Number 1- There are over 600 types of pasta and some have around 1300 names!
Number 2- The three pasta that are the most popularly consumes are macaroni, penne, and spaghetti.
Number 3- There are a lot of different variations of pasta. Some are long pasta, egg pasta, al forno pasta, minute pasta, and also short pasta!
Number 4- It is served with almost all Italian cuisines.
Number 5- The first reference to this dish was in 1154!

Now that you know a little bit about this delicious dish, why don’t you come down to Georgina’s Italian Restaurant and have some! We offer a variation of different pasta dishes such as our Pasta Lovers Dish which is pasta shells, spaghetti, ziti or linguine served with salad & garlic bread. Call us at 860) 647-0345 to make a reservation. We are located in Bolton, CT.

Italian Restaurants – Bolton CT, Glastonbury CT

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